The Pyramid of Giza is one of the most popular attractions in the world. And every year thousands of people travel to Egypt just to see its beauty.  If you are planning to visit the beautiful Pyramid of Giza, we have listed here the most wonderful hotels you can stay that are so close to your destination. Here we go!

Pyramids Guest House

Located in Cairo, this hotel will give you the best view of the Great Sphinx within just 400 metres away. Imagine waking up to the great view of the pyramid. You can even relax at the balcony and take some pictures from where you stand. There is a WiFi throughout the property and a tour desk. Just be warned that most people who sit by the shared lounge are free to smoke but you can go to the non-smoking rooms to allow yourself to breathe some fresh air.

 Comfort Pyramids Inn

Just a bit nearer to the Great Sphinx, Comfort Pyramids Inn is another hotel that offers great accommodation in Cairo, Egypt. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best hotels in Egypt with cozy rooms, a bar, and a terrace. You can also rent a bike from the hotel and tour around Cairo. But if you are bringing your own car, there is a free private parking area where you can leave your car safely.

Atlantic Pyramid Inn

Now we are really getting closer to the pyramid. Atlantic Pyramid Inn is so close to the Great Sphinx which is only 100 metres away. It provides a comfortable accommodation with a bar, free private parking and a shared lounge. The terrace is often a favorite of many tourists because it gives a clear view of the Great Sphinx. You definitely wouldn’t trade this view for anything.

Cleopatra Pyramids View

Do you want to be really close to the Great Sphinx? Well, you can stay in Cleopatra Pyramid View. Located just 80 meters away from Great Sphinx, this lovely hotel has a big terrace that lets you gaze at the wonderful view of the pyramids. There are free bikes in the hotel that you can use to tour around. It also offers comfortable rooms that let you feel a real Egyptian vibe. You would definitely love your stay here in this hotel. 

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