Are you traveling to Puerto Rico for the first time? Choosing this country as your next destination will never disappoint you. There are so many things to do and see for every traveller who sets foot in this country. So to make your trip in Puerto Rico one of a kind, here are tips you can follow.

 You don’t need any passport but just bring in case of other emergency travel. Apparently, Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States so there is no need for you to show your passport upon arrival. In fact, the people here are considered U.S. citizens. We spent a week in the Bahamas and in Puerto Rico, celebrating 5 years in business with our best friends.

Brush up on your Spanish.

Although most of the pipelining in Puerto Rico can speak English fluently, there are some locals who don’t. Also there are many Spanish restaurants in the area with Spanish menus, so it can be an advantage for you if you learn a little Spanish.

can use dollars in Puerto Rico.

That means, there is no need for you to exchange currency. Debit and credit cards also work just fine in this country so you can expect your travel to be smooth going.

Bring extra cash.

Booze is quite expensive in Puerto Rico so if you want to hop and spend a night with your friends, you better bring your own booze. Also it will save you a lot if you buy from mini-stores for alcohol instead of buying from your hotels. Hotel items are normally costly.

Be aware of purchasing souvenir items

A lot of travellers want to purchase souvenirs for themselves or as gifts for their loved ones. But be careful of some souvenir items as some of them are not really authentic. You need to look for a reputable store where you can purchase your items. Some Puerto Rican goods that you can bring and will totally remind you of Puerto Rico are butterfly crafts and the Mundillo which is a bobbin lace in Puerto Rico. You can see most babies in Puerto Rico wear it.

Don’t plunge into the water.

We all know how tempting the waters in Puerto Rico are but don’t let it eventually fool you. The waters in Puerto Rico are also known to be dangerous. The waters surrounding the sea have strong rip tides and undertows. If you are not a good swimmer you might run the risk of drowning. 

Always travel with friends and family and stay together. As I mentioned, we went with the co-founders of our company (Chandler Painting Pros) and had a blast relaxing in the sun. Have fun!

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