Florida is one of the favorite family destinations in the world. This is not an understatement but this place offers a lot of beautiful spots and activities that are friendly for the kids. So if you want to have the best vacation in Florida here are some things you should know.

Explore a wide variety of options.

When kids hear the word Florida they eventually think about going to Disney. While many families travel to Florida for Disney, this city is actually filled with other beautiful spots that families can enjoy. For example, you can take a journey back in time by learning about history at Florida Keys. You can also enjoy a great day at Panama City Beach or Daytona Beach. The Ana Maria Island is another iconic spot where you can expire.

Stay on-site if you are planning to go to Disney

If you are planning a tour around Disney it is more practical to stay on-site as this will save you more money. You may think that it will save you more money to say in distant hotels that offer cheaper prices, but t think about the gas that you’ll have to pay to drive back and forth from the site. Also the traffic can truly be disappointing. It will also take a considerable portion of your time which can ruin your entire trip.

Pack for Florida weather

While it is mostly sunny in Florida the weather here can be quite tricky. So pack light clothes for the sunny weather day but don’t forget to bring coats and extra layers of clothes in case it rains or eventually gets cold. Also take note that there will be a lot of walking involved when touring around Disney so better yet bring all the necessary things with you. The afternoon can be cold due to frequent rain showers and you’ll need to be ready especially that you have kids.

Buy souvenirs somewhere else

Avoid buying souvenirs in shops inside Disney. Most of the items here have inflated prices inside the tourist site but if you go to mini-stores or Wal-Mart, you will find the same items at cheaper price.

Book with a travel agency

It is very tempting to DIY our vacations. As parents we do this a lot with our kids but if you want a remarkable experience, it is best that you book with a travel agency. This will help you save money and time doing tons of preparations. We booked a trip with our company co-founders through an agency and they gave us a corporate discount, and some great tips for saving money on the trip.

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