Unforgetable Trip to Austria

Austria is a wonderful country that deserves your visit. It is compact yet packed with beautiful spots for you to see. In fact, it is t aged as the “city with the highest quality of life” and in this article, we will give some tips on how to explore this wonderful country.

Learn basic phrases

Learn a few German words so you can greet locals in their own language. It never hurts to learn a few basic phrases up your sleeve – including how to order a beer. Just a friendly warning, German grammar is very hard to learn so the locals will understand if you cannot speak it perfectly.

Pack for all weather

Austria’s weather conditions are very unpredictable. Sometimes a sunny day could eventually turn into cold without a fair warning so it is better to prepare. Pack a variety of outfit for both the sunny weather day and cold weather day.

Read local magazines to get underground tips

A guide book is typically helpful when you’re in Austria. Don’t fret, there are some magazines written in the English language that will give you a lot of information about you can easily go around the city. As a bonus, you would even get a tip on how to explore lesser-known neighborhoods that are as beautiful as the once we know today.

Always Tip

Tipping is something customary in Austria. In fact, locals would recommend that you give a tip at least 10% of the bill. In this case, you might as well prepare some extra cash for the tip. Don’t worry, their food is very delicious and you won’t even bother about spending some extra for the tip.

Public transport

Ride the public transport, which is an easier and more affordable way to get around Austria.  But always remember to buy a ticket. Since there are no barriers underground, you would need to buy a ticket in advance and avoid being fined a hefty 100 euro. You can purchase a ticket for weekly or monthly, and also annual at a discounted price. The taxi fare is also very cheap.


Austria’s alpine scenery will likely persuade you to wander the dramatic wilderness, so pack a pair of boots and a swim suit as well. Especially if you are visiting the country during the summer, you would miss a lot of fun if you pack less. So better be ready when you’re in Austria.